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Legacy Society

The Legacy Society provides a way for each of us to leave a living reminder of our life in this community and help generation after generation continue to make Howard County a great place to live.

Membership in the Legacy Society is open to anyone who includes the Community Foundation in their estate and/or gift plans in any one of the following ways:

  1. through a bequest provision in a will;
  2. through a provision in a trust;
  3. through gifts that provide a life income to you, your family, or others;
  4. through a gift of life insurance;
  5. or, by naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of:
  • a retirement plan;
  • a mutual fund;
  • an annuity; or,
  • some other type of security plan.

You never have to disclose the amount or nature of your gift to the Foundation to become a member of the Legacy Society. You may also choose to be recognized anonymously.

Your gift to the Foundation can be for the charitable purpose that you choose. Some examples are:

  • your church;
  • a favorite charity;
  • to establish a scholarship program;
  • for general community purposes;
  • or, any other charitable activity.

You can even establish the gift so that heirs may advise the foundation on where grants should be made.

By giving to the Community Foundation, you can be assured that your gift will exist as a permanent charitable endowment, where only the income from the gift will be used for the purpose you intend.

If your will already includes gifts to charity, you can become a member of the Legacy Society by simply naming the Community Foundation.